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Our Residential Solar Installation Services

At SolarTyme, we install rooftop solar panels on different roof types. We also offer ground-mount solar installations. We offer premium quality panels and other components to complete your solar installation. Our experts also offer consultation services and can also coordinate with contractors and builders on residential projects. Our solar installation pros will inspect your property and sit with you to discuss how a solar panel installation can benefit you.

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Why Should You Install Solar Panels For Your Home?

There are plenty of reasons why installing residential solar power is a smart investment for homeowners. Not only do you get to save cost both in the short term and long term, solar panels also raise the value of your home. That’s not to mention the good you are doing for the planet by helping cut down on the carbon footprint. Learn more about how solar panels help you save costs and all its other benefits when you get in touch with us for a consultation.

Why Choose Us?

SolarTyme offers residential solar installation services for homes in Richmond, VA, and surrounding cities in North and South Carolina. We are trusted for quality solar installations that are efficient, reliable and come at the most affordable cost possible. SolarTyme has an experienced team made up of solar installation experts that always delivers on a promise of premium workmanship. Ready to take us on this promise? Take the next step by getting in touch with us.

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