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Today, more than 100 million U.S. homes are under-insulated. Lack of proper insulation causes us to waste billions of dollars on energy every year. Over time, traditional insulation deteriorates, allowing energy to enter and exit our homes. In the summer, attic temperatures can rise to over 150 degrees, increasing your energy costs by over 30%. In many homes, conditioned air travels through heated attic spaces, greatly increasing your energy costs and putting high demands on your HVAC system.

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What is the Solution?

eShield™ is a revolutionary way to insulate your attic space. Similar in design to the space suit of an astronaut, eShield™ is a multi-layer, thermal insulation.

Essentially two products in one, eShield™ combines two layers of 99% pure reinforced reflective insulation with a center core of high-density encapsulated fiberglass that produces a system R-Value of 11.6. eShield™ works similar to Low-E insulated glass, by reflecting heat in the summer, and reflecting heat back in the winter, while traditional mass insulation only slows down heat transfer. eShield™ combines R-Value with a dual-reflective shield that reflects up to 97% of the heat that it comes into contact with.

What Does This Mean For My Home?

It means that by reducing your home’s carbon footprint, you can help the environment while saving money every month on your heating and cooling costs. eShield™ stops up to 97% of radiant heat transfer, the primary source of residential energy loss. It is effective for the life of your home without settling, condensation, or mildew. It never needs replacing or maintenance. It is free from dangerous fibers, off-gassing, or asthma-causing allergens, and it qualifies for the Energy Tax Credit.

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