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SolarTyme is a Solar Panel Company in Virginia, North Carolina & South Carolina Providing Residents with Solar Panel Installation

SolarTyme, a solar installation company, is dedicated to providing alternative energy, energy conservation and environmentally friendly products and services.  SolarTyme has already helped over 1,000 homeowners in Virginia, North Carolina & South Carolina gain energy independence and save money while making their homes more comfortable thanks to innovations in solar energy and financing.

After years of research and increasing energy costs, Solar Energy is now more affordable than ever. More and more people are going solar and so should you! 

You should consider going solar if:

  • You own your home
  • Your home uses at least a moderate amount of electricity 
  • Your roof or other area of your property has an an area that can receive adequate lighting
    • NOTE: We do roof mount and ground mount solar panels to fit your needs!
  • You have a roof that is in good condition
    • Need a new roof as well?  We offer a substantial discount for customers that do both!

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If you have any questions or concerns about our solar services, please feel free to contact us today or call 844-201-1915. We are proud to offer complimentary site evaluations for residential and commercial clients.

Advantages of Solar Energy
Advantages of Solar Energy

Ask us about our $olar $avings program!! SolarTyme's goal is to help family's save energy, reduce CO2 emissions from households and businesses, and money through solar savings program!! 

Solar Energy for ALL!!
Solar Energy for ALL!!

We provide complimentary consultations for residential and commercial clients with a variety of options to fit your needs. Call us today to find out if solar is right for you!!