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For a limited time, SolarTyme is offering $2500 back when you install solar with us. You read that right- your electric bill will be practically paid for the entire year* with your solar installation! There has never been a better time to make the switch to solar, so take advantage of the SolarTyme savings and get your free quote today.

Here's What You'll GeT

Installing solar panels on your home is the best way to set yourself up for long-term savings, environmental sustainability, and energy independence. We're adding on to the savings by giving you money back after installation and so much more! Here's what you get when you go with SolarTyme for your solar needs:


$2,500 Back on Completion of Work

That's right, when the solar installation is complete and you're ready to start receiving all of your savings from going solar, we'll send you a check for $2500!


Free Home Surge Protector

Whether it's protecting against power surges or helping monitor energy usage in your home, we want you to feel safe knowing that your solar installation is protecting everything that's important.


Support to Ensure You Receive All Available Tax Rebates

This might be the best part of going solar- tax rebates are available for everyone who switches! We'll make sure you receive all possible benefits from switching to solar power by working with you to receive all available tax rebates.

Let SolarTyme take care of your electric bill

Whether you're looking to invest in long term energy savings or break away from your dependence on the local power grid, we're here to help. We are trusted for quality solar installations that are efficient, reliable, and come at the most affordable cost possible. SolarTyme has an experienced team made up of solar installation experts that always delivers on a promise of premium workmanship.

Go Green and Save Green!

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so we can get your free quote started and answer any questions you have about solar for your home. Going solar has never been easier than with SolarTyme- you'll love the money and energy savings as well as our Solartyme Guarantee.

*Based on the average household electricity costs in South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia.