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4 Tips on How to Go Solar

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As a homeowner, the benefits of investing in solar power impacts every aspect of your life and your family. From saving money on electricity to increasing your property value, the best action you can take to preserve your children’s future is to investigate what solar power installation is right for you. If you’re looking to make some changes, SolarTyme offers services to fit all your needs.

A contractor installs rooftop solar panels.

Solar Roofs with GAF

When you think of “solar,” you usually think of a roof covered in the appropriate panels — and for good reason. Installing a solar roof keeps your family safe and provides a huge, non-negotiable return on investment over time. The SolarTyme team is also GAF-certified, which means you receive a 25+ year warranty on the materials and workmanship, as well as other perks. Get the best combination possible of a roofing job and solar power investment.

A home with solar ground mounts on the property.

Solar Panel Options

Like we said before, the amount of money solar installation saves you is impossible to ignore. But when it comes to the panels you typically see, there are two main options: rooftop and ground mounts. As discussed above, the solar rooftop panel option is a good go-to option; but depending on the state of your current roof, ground mounts may be a better fit. Ground mounts are very similar to roof panels, but are instead situated in the soil on your property. Let our team help you find out which solar power installation direction is best for you!

A residential power generator.

Energy Storage and Backup Solutions

If solar power rooftops and ground panels can’t be installed on your home, or if you just don’t like them, there are safer options that can help you tremendously in the future. You can invest in energy storage and backup solutions instead: storage systems that gather and store solar power to use in emergency situations. This is just as green and can save you thousands of dollars in electrical bills with its energy monitoring technology.

A contractor installs a residential eShield system.

eShield Attic Insulation

You normally don’t think about your attic, but it can be a large source of lost money. If your attic isn’t insulated properly — like over 10 million other U.S. homes — it can increase energy costs, especially in the summer months. How do you fix this? Install a thermal insulating eShield, which prevents the process of radiant heat transfer and lightens the pressure on your home’s HVAC system. This is an excellent, affordable means of preserving your home’s energy.

There is a way of harnessing solar power for every household, and the first step is consulting with SolarTyme’s experts to find what’s right for you. Start saving money right now with a free, no-obligation estimate from our team!

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